African Fashion Week Minnesota

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9th-14th September 2024.

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The rhythm of Africa expressed through every stitch and seam.
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Celebrating the vibrancy of African culture through fashion.
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African Fashion Week Minnesota 2024

African Fashion Week Minnesota (AFWMN) is a non-profit, community based organization and social enterprise. It is a platform of culture, art, design, history, talent, performing arts, cuisine, and heritage. 
This platform was created from a need to bridge the gap and connect various cultures and provide a space for  creativity, communication, and unity. It is also a platform to promote diversity, identity, and inclusion in the fashion industry in Minnesota and around the world. This platform is a gateway to promote and facilitate international economic partnership. 

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Experience the extraordinary at Minnesota's inaugural African Fashion Week!

Embark on a journey where tradition meets trendsetting, and heritage dances with haute couture. Join us for the inaugural African Fashion Week Minnesota, where the runway becomes a canvas, and every stitch tells a story of elegance, diversity, and the vibrant spirit of African fashion. Be part of history as we celebrate the first steps of a dazzling tradition!


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Meet our designers
Dazzelle LLC
Princess Flo Boutique
Queen Slay
Ura by Julia
Ayeadio fashion
A call for models and designers

African Fashion Week Minnesota (AFWMN) is all about empowering youth, spreading good vibes, and celebrating culture. Let’s make fashion fun and impactful!

Excited? Reach out  to join the party at AFWMN. Click the button below.


Enjoy the experience at African fashion week Minnesota