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Olushola Oloruntola


About Olushola Oloruntola.

Olushola Oloruntola (Mc.Olla) – Senior Banker and Fashion Enthusiast

Olushola Oloruntola, popularly known as Mc.Olla, is a distinguished Senior Banker at Bank of America, recognized for his impeccable fashion sense. Celebrated as the best-dressed banker in Minnesota, Mc.Olla has made a name for himself both in the financial sector and in the fashion community.

Before embarking on his career in banking in the United States, Mc.Olla earned a Master’s degree in Arts from Luther Seminary in St. Paul. He initially obtained his first degree in Banking and Finance in Nigeria, laying a solid foundation for his subsequent professional journey in the U.S.

Mc.Olla is not only dedicated to his role at Bank of America but also deeply passionate about making a positive impact within the African community in Minnesota. He leverages his love for fashion and expertise in African fabrics to enrich the cultural landscape of the region. As a key participant in African Fashion Week, Mc.Olla aims to share his knowledge and exposure in fashion, bringing vibrant African fabric wear to a broader audience in Minnesota.

Admired for his style and commitment to community enrichment, Mc.Olla continues to inspire both within and beyond the banking sector, bridging his professional acumen with his cultural heritage.