African Fashion Week Minnesota

About African fashion week minnesota 2024

About African fashion week minnesota 2024

African Fashion Week MN is a platform where we promote global development through events, media, retail, and tourism. Our platforms aim to educate, empower, and connect inspirational brands and individuals interested in breaking down barriers and creating structure around industries for business.
African Fashion Week MN is geared towards promoting textile import into Minnesota and collaboration with designers coming directly from Africa, thereby fostering a relationship between Minnesota and Africa.

Date of Event:

9th - 14th september 2024

inaugural African Fashion Week in Minnesota!

Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity at the debut of African Fashion Week Minnesota. Witness the runway as it becomes a canvas, showcasing the diversity, elegance, and vibrant spirit of African fashion. Join us for this historic event, where heritage meets haute couture in an electrifying celebration of style and culture!

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