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Carren LaBrasseur

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Tell us about yourself

My name is Carren Bosibori LaBrasseur. I am Kenyan-American, and I am forty-six years old. I am the forthborn in a family of Seven kids.  I am a mom of two beautiful children James and Jill , two furry babies Oreo the dog and Nala the cat (in heaven).

My hobbies are but not limited to, traveling, cooking, going for walks with my dog, spending time with family and friends, watching movies, community service, fitness and exercising, binge watching specialty shows with my kids, going to fashion events and shows locally and out of town as time allows.

Tell us about your industry experience

My modeling experience in Kenya and the US is quite different from each other. I was very interested in modelling from an early age. At the time there wasn’t a big market for it in my area. After my family moved to the USA, I continued to do it but my parents wanted me to focus more on school. After graduating high school and then college, I shortly started my family which became my focus and I am now an adult model just started back up in 2022. I didn’t give up on my modeling as I found ways to continue to pursue my dream from organizing fashion shows while in college, volunteering and  doing competitions. I am signed up with local modeling agencies in Minneapolis and St Paul area at the moment . My career is in healthcare and modeling is my side hustle and honestly I wouldn’t mind it being a full time job and juggle both careers.

What is your biggest dream

My biggest wild dream is that one day, this world and its people will live in harmony with each  other!

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful

For me, being kind of your own beautiful, is being beautiful from the inside out and being your authentic self

How would you describe your fashion style

My fashionstyle varies but my most relatable style is elegant/glamour/luxury, vibrant, sporty and exotic .

Who or what inspires you

I am inspired by my older Sister Stella and my own drive to never give up on my dreams.

What is your best piece of advice

Be yourself in all you do.

Describe some obstacles you have overcome in your life and how that has changed or shaped you

 I have faced adversity and the core things that have helped  me get through all of it  is my Faith, Determination, Family & Resilience.